5 Beautiful Colour Schemes for a Summer Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! With your summer wedding approaching, you have lots of planning to do. One of the more exciting elements of wedding planning is choosing a colour scheme. You’ll want a colour scheme in place before choosing your décor, and possibly even your venue.

Beautiful Bridesmaids dresses from StyleAisle

Beautiful Bridesmaid dresses from StyleAisle

Summer weddings are versatile – they can accommodate indoor and outdoor venues. Your venue should play a role in your colour scheme selection since you’d want your colours to mesh well with your venue’s walls and décor. Here are a few colour schemes for a summer wedding that will make you fall in love all over again.

Pale Blue and Yellow

Summer Wedding

Combine sky blue with yellow and light grey to pay homage to the summer sky. This colour scheme works beautifully in outdoor venues. This example also utilizes slate blue in a rustic venue. Easily find coordinating invitations for a blue and yellow colour scheme on Etsy or Zazzle. To change things up, try replacing yellow with peach or blush!

Fruit Punch

Summer Wedding

Combine fuchsia, burgundy, and orange to create a fun colour scheme that packs a punch. You can also incorporate a plum colour, especially if your affair is closer to autumn. You’ll have plenty of bold bouquet options, but you can tone down the colours for an indoor venue. For a more tropical vibe, add turquoise and make your colours neon!

Blush and Navy

Summer Wedding

If you’re hosting an evening affair, these contrasting colours will work beautifully together! For an even classier vibe, add gold to your colour scheme. These colours are easy to transition from an outdoor setting to an indoor venue for nighttime receptions. Navy also works as a suit colour for your groomsmen. For a rustic wedding, replace gold with a mauve tone. Want even more options? Add burgundy!

Dusty Rose and Sage

These trending colours work beautifully together, especially in rustic venues! You’ll have many options to pair these colours with others, including blushBouquets will be easy – after all, plants have green stems. To mute the colours further, add a mauve/lavender to your scheme.

Burgundy and Navy

These colours work especially well for a July, Memorial Day, or Labor Day affair. The deep tones can be paired with metallics, but don’t have to be. To make it more rustic, add slate blue. This patriotic scheme works well in indoor venues.
Planning a wedding can be hard, but choosing your colour scheme doesn’t have to be. Once you find colours you love, the rest of your décor planning will come easy!

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